Sourdough Baking Kit

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For all budding bakers, this kit contains all you need to start making delicious sourdough bread at home!

Kit includes:

  • Proving basket, essential for working with softer doughs
  • 1kg Shipton Mill white bread flour, the same as we use at the bakery
  • Jar of starter, plus detailed instructions for looking after it
  • Recipe from our head baker, with multiple methods to fit baking around your life and schedule
  • Lame (scoring knife) to help you cut your proved loaf and give you that perfect burst
  • Plastic scraper to help you work with wetter doughs

NOTE: As the starter is a living culture, it will need attention on the day you collect. If the item is a gift, please pick a collection date as close as possible to giving to the receiver and let us know so we can keep the starter separate for you to refrigerate!