We are an award winning small open plan bakery, in the heart of Easton who believe in real bread.

Opening Times

Monday – Friday 9am to 3pm

Saturday 9am to 2pm 

We're often a little busier on the weekends!



At the East Bristol Bakery our focus is on high quality, handmade bread and cake.

We believe that bread is a staple basic which should be made with the upmost care and the best quality ingredients. 

Using a variety of traditional methods we produce everything following the Real Bread campaign ethos of no unnecessary ingredients, just flour, water, salt & yeast.

Our flour is organic and comes from Shipton Mill. We use British flour where possible and alongside the usual wheat offerings we also make both Rye and Spelt breads.

Even our salt is the highest quality sea salt from the incredible Cornish Sea Salt Company.


Everyday we create perfectly layered pastries.

From classic croissants, to flaky pain au chocolat, we use organic flour and hundreds of layers to create delicious pastries.

You'll also find us foraging and hunting out seasonal delights, to mix up our selection of sweet and savoury pastries. 


Alongside our bread we also produce award winning cake.

We rotate a lot of our cakes seasonally, but keep a staple of popular favourites such as salted rye cookies, croissant pudding and our vegan lemon & olive oil cake.

Again the focus is always on the best possible ingredients and never compromising on quality.

And yes it is hard to fight temptation when we’ve always got chocolate brownies in sight!